Berlin is the capital of Germany and the most visited city of the world. It is well-known for its political influence, historical value, holocaust memorial and the famous berlin wall, also known as “The Wall of Berlin”. Berlin has so many points of interest that you can you stay here forever and ever. Visiting Berlin is easy for travelers as Germany provides free visa facility to most countries, so you can enjoy the excitement Berlin has to offer you. Below are the top attractions and things to do when in Berlin.

1 – Reichstag Building

This building is not a common building. This place houses many important offices including the parliament of Germany as well as the President house. The place is very unique because of its dome like structure. This building was previously a governmental building of Weimar Republic until 1933, when it was fully seized by the Nazis. The infrastructure and the design of this building is breathtaking, and you can visit this place at any time of the day. Yes, there are no restrictions on the limit of your visit and you can easily photograph your entire tour with ease.

2 – Brandenburg Gate

This place is also called a no-mans land because this was a main separation gate between East and West Germany during the cold war. The gate was destroyed many times and have been unindicated now and stands just like as it used to be in the cold war era. The gate also represents the symbol of East and West Germans and the harmony between them. The gate is frequently renovated and easily accessible by bus as the gate stands in the middle of Berlin city. Moreover, this gate is a must visit for Christmas celebrations as the place is largely decorated with Christmas stuffs, music and dance. This place is surely a must visit for people who like history, art and romance.

3 – Berlin Memorial

As the name speaks for itself, the Berlin Memorial is in the heart of Berlin city and stretches to 1.5km area. This memorial also houses war museum and remains of the Berlin wall. History lovers should visit this place once in life to enjoy the thrilling and exciting remains of World War II and experience the vivid way of experiencing history by the separation of the wall of Berlin.

4 – Berlin Philharmonic

The last place to land in the list of places to must visit in Berlin is the Philharmonic. This place is for classical music lovers and it is very tough to get a ticket to this place. You need to go for advance booking and at-least wait for 1.5-2 years to finally get a chance to visit this place. And once you get that chance, this place is surely not going to disappoint. This place hosts the biggest ever concerts and dramas.