Karachi is the largest city and financial hub of Pakistan and one of the largest cities in the world in terms of population density. Karachi is well-known for its night life and is also known as the “city of lights”. Recent images by NASA from its space stations proves that Karachi is indeed the city of lights and has traveling to Karachi could be your adventure of a lifetime. It is important to mention that Karachi is too underrated for travelers because of its security situation and that is why many foreigners avoid coming here.

It is never like that. Karachi is one of the most secure places to travel your next destination. There are tens of government and military installations inside city limits and 24/7 secure by air and sea to safeguard the lives of citizens and foreigners. It is also true that Karachi was once known as the second most dangerous places to live in the world because of its notorious gangs, frequent robberies, mobile snatchings and car thefts. Situation is a lot cooled now after a military operation to sweep out the city of terrorists and political murderers. That is why we can see hundreds of foreigners roaming around Zainab Market. This market is one of its kind in the entire South Asian region.

Zainab Market is situated in the heart of Karachi, on main Saddar road and is known as one of the cheapest apparel and clothing’s market for foreigners. Other than that, the Karachi Zoo is a famous travel if you are fond of watching wild animals in the cage. Moreover, the Mohatta Palace and Quaid-e-Azam mausoleum are one of the most frequent places that are visited by foreigners from Europe and America. This is where the founder of Pakistan is buried. The place is fully fenced, with an amazing botanical garden on four sides and a single marbled dome. Getting in Karachi, Pakistan is easy. All you got to do is get a visa and permission from the local Pakistani embassy and buy a plane ticket from PIA, the national airline of Pakistan. After reaching Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport you can book a royal cab to the nearest hotel. Avari towers, Pearl Continental and Marriot are the closest and offer 5-star facilities especially for foreign travelers. You may book a guide with the hotel or get a free guide book which gives you the best places to visit including Karachi night clubs, bars and places to dine in.

You can visit the posh area of Defence and Clifton in the evening and have a wide idea of places to shop for shoes, apparels and beddings. You may also tend to visit Zamzama Street, that hosts the most luxurious and lavish dining places in the entire Pakistan. Karachi is also known as one of the cheapest city to live and eat in the entire world. So, you don’t have to worry about your pockets. The dining and food taste of local dishes are lavish, but cheap than your home country. You may find millions of people around you that will greet you with good gesture and offer you free services. That seems so admirable and nowhere to be seen.

This city never sleeps. Even if you get out of your hotel and visit the city at 3am, you will find usual traffic and most of the dining and eating shops open and with a lot of public. Karachi was never underrated, it is just the media that have told you all wrong. Just visit Karachi once and create a memory of a lifetime.