Taiwan is a small island in the China sea and has a population of less than 2 million. Taiwan is technically governed by the republic of China and is famous for its nightlife, skyscrapers and busy markets. Taiwan has been a commercial hub of many important agricultural products since ages. Visiting Taiwan is fairly easier than visiting China. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and Taiwanese Dollar is the currency used in this amazing island.

There are a lot of places a traveler can visit on this island country. However, there are a few places that are unimaginable and truly jawdropping.

1 – Kenting National Park

This wildlife sanctuary has one of the most exciting, thrilling and exhilarating scenery in the entire Asia. This place is not just a park, but a whole and sale park to hike, climb, walk, surf, raft and whatnot. This park has everything a family wants! Clean environment, peaceful area and ultimate relaxation. And whats more? The Kenting town has amazing restaurants with truly enhanced ambiance and Kenting Town is famous for its nightlife. This is by far the best place to visit in Taiwan.

2. Sun Moon Lake
You might have wondered what kind of a name is this? This is the lake where sun meets the moon and moon meets the sun. Not in real though. This place is famous for early risers to see a beautiful sunrise sitting across the lake with your loved ones and also getting an amazing view of a sunset in the evening. Foot trail lovers will love this place and this is not just it. The fun is yet to begin. This place also has a museum which display all kinds and types of weaponry, ammunition, showpieces and handicraft. This can be a double treat for museum and lake lovers all-together.

3. National Museum
The last place to mention in this article is the National Palace museum where all types of antiques are available on display. These includes artifacts, painting, sculptures and all types of material that describe ancient Chinese history. This place is also amonst the most visited places in Taiwan