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What to do when traveling Berlin?

What to do when traveling Berlin?

Berlin is the capital of Germany and the most visited city of the world. It is well-known for its political influence, historical value, holocaust memorial and the famous berlin wall, also known as “The Wall of Berlin”. Berlin has so many points of interest that you can you stay here forever and ever. Visiting Berlin is easy for travelers as Germany provides free visa facility to most countries, so you can enjoy the excitement Berlin has to offer you. Below are the top attractions and things to do when in Berlin.

1 – Reichstag Building

This building is not a common building. This place houses many important offices including the parliament of Germany as well as the President house. The place is very unique because of its dome like structure. This building was previously a governmental building of Weimar Republic until 1933, when it was fully seized by the Nazis. The infrastructure and the design of this building is breathtaking, and you can visit this place at any time of the day. Yes, there are no restrictions on the limit of your visit and you can easily photograph your entire tour with ease.

2 – Brandenburg Gate

This place is also called a no-mans land because this was a main separation gate between East and West Germany during the cold war. The gate was destroyed many times and have been unindicated now and stands just like as it used to be in the cold war era. The gate also represents the symbol of East and West Germans and the harmony between them. The gate is frequently renovated and easily accessible by bus as the gate stands in the middle of Berlin city. Moreover, this gate is a must visit for Christmas celebrations as the place is largely decorated with Christmas stuffs, music and dance. This place is surely a must visit for people who like history, art and romance.

3 – Berlin Memorial

As the name speaks for itself, the Berlin Memorial is in the heart of Berlin city and stretches to 1.5km area. This memorial also houses war museum and remains of the Berlin wall. History lovers should visit this place once in life to enjoy the thrilling and exciting remains of World War II and experience the vivid way of experiencing history by the separation of the wall of Berlin.

4 – Berlin Philharmonic

The last place to land in the list of places to must visit in Berlin is the Philharmonic. This place is for classical music lovers and it is very tough to get a ticket to this place. You need to go for advance booking and at-least wait for 1.5-2 years to finally get a chance to visit this place. And once you get that chance, this place is surely not going to disappoint. This place hosts the biggest ever concerts and dramas.

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Why is traveling to Karachi so underrated?

Why is traveling to Karachi so underrated?

Karachi is the largest city and financial hub of Pakistan and one of the largest cities in the world in terms of population density. Karachi is well-known for its night life and is also known as the “city of lights”. Recent images by NASA from its space stations proves that Karachi is indeed the city of lights and has traveling to Karachi could be your adventure of a lifetime. It is important to mention that Karachi is too underrated for travelers because of its security situation and that is why many foreigners avoid coming here.

It is never like that. Karachi is one of the most secure places to travel your next destination. There are tens of government and military installations inside city limits and 24/7 secure by air and sea to safeguard the lives of citizens and foreigners. It is also true that Karachi was once known as the second most dangerous places to live in the world because of its notorious gangs, frequent robberies, mobile snatchings and car thefts. Situation is a lot cooled now after a military operation to sweep out the city of terrorists and political murderers. That is why we can see hundreds of foreigners roaming around Zainab Market. This market is one of its kind in the entire South Asian region.

Zainab Market is situated in the heart of Karachi, on main Saddar road and is known as one of the cheapest apparel and clothing’s market for foreigners. Other than that, the Karachi Zoo is a famous travel if you are fond of watching wild animals in the cage. Moreover, the Mohatta Palace and Quaid-e-Azam mausoleum are one of the most frequent places that are visited by foreigners from Europe and America. This is where the founder of Pakistan is buried. The place is fully fenced, with an amazing botanical garden on four sides and a single marbled dome. Getting in Karachi, Pakistan is easy. All you got to do is get a visa and permission from the local Pakistani embassy and buy a plane ticket from PIA, the national airline of Pakistan. After reaching Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport you can book a royal cab to the nearest hotel. Avari towers, Pearl Continental and Marriot are the closest and offer 5-star facilities especially for foreign travelers. You may book a guide with the hotel or get a free guide book which gives you the best places to visit including Karachi night clubs, bars and places to dine in.

You can visit the posh area of Defence and Clifton in the evening and have a wide idea of places to shop for shoes, apparels and beddings. You may also tend to visit Zamzama Street, that hosts the most luxurious and lavish dining places in the entire Pakistan. Karachi is also known as one of the cheapest city to live and eat in the entire world. So, you don’t have to worry about your pockets. The dining and food taste of local dishes are lavish, but cheap than your home country. You may find millions of people around you that will greet you with good gesture and offer you free services. That seems so admirable and nowhere to be seen.

This city never sleeps. Even if you get out of your hotel and visit the city at 3am, you will find usual traffic and most of the dining and eating shops open and with a lot of public. Karachi was never underrated, it is just the media that have told you all wrong. Just visit Karachi once and create a memory of a lifetime.

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The Perfect Ski Resort for Every Skier Type

With thousands of ski resorts and destination options across the world, choosing or rather finding the best for yourself or one that fits your preferences and budget can be challenging. Perhaps the first question to ask yourself is, what do I want in a ski destination? It’s important to understand that each ski destination has its unique features which is why you should know your preferences. It’s time you brought your ski dreams to life. Whether you’re interested in taking a romantic trip to a luxurious jaunt in the mountains or you’re simply looking for a kid-friendly getaway, we got you covered.

Four Seasons Vail, Colorado

If you’re the intrepid skier, this is the perfect ski resort for you. The Four Seasons Vail is perfect for anyone who doesn’t love skiing down a mountainous landscape in the crowds or among the masses. Travelers coming here can use the alpine touring gear to head up the mountain before starting off their backcountry ski experience. Start with a pre-sunrise ascent of Vail Pass before having a sunrise ski down and finishing up with your breakfast back at the property. Note that there professional guides on site to take you through everything. Your memories here are preserved by a professional videographer who accompanies you and captures photos and videos for you. Four seasons vail is also a perfect family destination.

Waldorf Astoria Park City, Utah

Park City is perfect for those who love raising their glass during apres-ski hours. If you want to go on a tour of Park City’s best wine, beer, and whiskey offerings, you can’t miss the new Apres All Day offering at Waldorf Astoria Park City. Time to also have a wine flight experience, isn’t it? Oh, and a wine tasting experience, right? Your day won’t be complete before you get to experience a wine pairing dinner at the restaurant.

Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch, Colorado

If you’re seeking to have a romantic getaway experience, this would be your perfect ski resort. Every traveler who makes a trip to the Beaver Creek village in the mountainous landscape of Colorado has a story to tell about the love they felt. Let’s just say it’s impossible to come here and not feel the love in this village. The Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch lies within the snowcapped peaks and jagged slopes of this winter wonderland and allows travelers to have memorable romantic experiences.

Sun Peaks, British Columbia

For beginners, the learning experience should be friendly so that no one can accidentally get on over his or her head. At Sun Peaks, guests can enjoy ample sunshine and exciting views. The natural terrain is divided in such a way that the beginner runs are separated from the advanced runs. If you’re a beginner, you can choose from the terrains and master your skills even as you take in views. Your trip here won’t be fulfilling without accessing Mount Morrisey and spending time with the gentle green groomers so you can master skills.

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Cruise tips to Save Money

Cruise tips to Save Money

Here come a small number of tips you must follow in order to save money on your cruise and take pleasure in your vacations.

  • You must plan your cruise throughout the off – season. Though, it’s a straightforward task but extremely excellent method to save hundreds of dollars on your cruise holiday. Cruise lines are also like any other travel business and there are regular ups and downs in their seasonal business and you must take advantage of the downs in order to save money on your cruise.
  • During the off – season the value drops since there are smaller amount of citizens going on journey and the cruise wants to fill its seats to remain profitable.
  • The expenditure of cruise is just a fraction of your vacation budget as you may also need to hurry to reach the destination of cruise so keep in mind that cruise line also offers some packages for such travelers and you must avail the chance to save money on your cruise.
  • If you want to save money on your cruise you must be aware of all the available packages and must take advantage of any concerned package. If you are going to have some shore excursions during the cruise route you must plan it before getting onto the cruise and ask about the authorities about the admiring shore excursions. This could be an enormous way to save money on your cruise and enjoy too.
  • If you’re preparing a family journey, you must check out all the packages available for family and some cruise lines also offer some special discounts for family re- unions or honey moon packages and you must avail these packages and discounts to save money on your cruise.
  • Most of the cruises also offer kids playing areas and gifts for the kids and kids usually get excited to see these things and this can prove to be expensive for you. You must keep an eye on the kids that do not buy any unnecessary tings as usually the rates on cruise lines are too much and they will not allow you to save money on your cruise.
  • While if you are not a rich you may also hire any smaller ship. A minor cruise vessel will be extra probable to obtain you to slighter expenses. No doubt the quality will be not like any bigger cruise line but you will have all the fun of the sea and may have some shore excursions and you may enjoy your time.


If you are going to plan a cruise trip, keep this in mind that it is a vacation for you but for the cruise line it is business and they will try to earn as much as they can and you have to be careful yourself as they will not inform you about any hidden charges they may charge you and it is your responsibility to save money on your cruise.

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Top attractions in Taiwan

Top attractions in Taiwan

Taiwan is a small island in the China sea and has a population of less than 2 million. Taiwan is technically governed by the republic of China and is famous for its nightlife, skyscrapers and busy markets. Taiwan has been a commercial hub of many important agricultural products since ages. Visiting Taiwan is fairly easier than visiting China. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and Taiwanese Dollar is the currency used in this amazing island.

There are a lot of places a traveler can visit on this island country. However, there are a few places that are unimaginable and truly jawdropping.

1 – Kenting National Park

This wildlife sanctuary has one of the most exciting, thrilling and exhilarating scenery in the entire Asia. This place is not just a park, but a whole and sale park to hike, climb, walk, surf, raft and whatnot. This park has everything a family wants! Clean environment, peaceful area and ultimate relaxation. And whats more? The Kenting town has amazing restaurants with truly enhanced ambiance and Kenting Town is famous for its nightlife. This is by far the best place to visit in Taiwan.

2. Sun Moon Lake
You might have wondered what kind of a name is this? This is the lake where sun meets the moon and moon meets the sun. Not in real though. This place is famous for early risers to see a beautiful sunrise sitting across the lake with your loved ones and also getting an amazing view of a sunset in the evening. Foot trail lovers will love this place and this is not just it. The fun is yet to begin. This place also has a museum which display all kinds and types of weaponry, ammunition, showpieces and handicraft. This can be a double treat for museum and lake lovers all-together.

3. National Museum
The last place to mention in this article is the National Palace museum where all types of antiques are available on display. These includes artifacts, painting, sculptures and all types of material that describe ancient Chinese history. This place is also amonst the most visited places in Taiwan

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